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Check your Backup!

During the last week of June, a "wind of panic" blew across the French publishing market. A major service bureau, GLI, encountered a bug that prohibited access to data. "No problem, let's restore from a previous backup," you may have thought. But it appears that no backup was available, according to "En Contact", the online site that posted this news. Large publishers like Les Echos, Le Point, Le Figaro, Libération and others, had to face an unprecedented situation. For more than two weeks, nearly all their websites displayed a maintenance message if one tried to subscribe. GLI finally succeeded in restoring the data from their defective bay. 

Secure With Advantage

The good news with this event is that you are on Advantage, and your servers are at your site, or at a chosen vendor. And you have created a recovery strategy, including at least a daily backup. But are you really sure that what happened with GLI can't happen at your company? Just as you would do with an insurance contract, it is wise to double-check your procedures before a disaster happens. Key questions to answer include :

  • Are you really doing a daily backup of your Advantage database? Is it incremental or full?
  • Are you saving one of the backups in a different location from where the production database is run? This is crucial if your building has a fire, or experiences any unexpected disaster. For example, Paris just experienced a small flood, and companies near the Seine river could have been severely damaged. 
  • Are you doing regular restores, in order to verify that the backup is really working?
  • Are you sure your backup strategy is not vulnerable to external hackers or internal risk?

AdvantageCS will be here, ready and able to support you in a critical situation. But it will be much better if we have the data!

-Philippe van Mastrigt, Director, European Opérations

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