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CIO Roundtable Hones in on Key Concerns

Technology executives from seven different Advantage client companies met in San Antonio on January 31st and February 1st prior to the Advantage Users Group conference, to identify and discuss their issues of concern in the current business environment.  On the first day, each of the seven executives shared their thoughts about topics of the greatest import to their organizations. The team from AdvantageCS then reviewed those concerns and grouped them into topics for the second day’s discussions.

The subjects included a desire for fewer systems in their technological ecosystems, and for ones that integrate well with the other systems being used. A number of the participants commented that one of their greatest challenges is implementing, integrating, and maintaining the number of software packages being requested by their organization. Despite all this effort, the benefits from these packages, when weighed against the up-front and on-going costs, often were far less than expected.

Participants also discussed the decision that they often must make between whether to build or buy a platform for particular business needs.  The benefit of having a highly customizable platform if they decide to develop it internally was weighed against the on-going costs of maintaining such a platform.  A similar analysis was often being done on the costs versus benefit of moving systems onto cloud platforms.

One theme that was common between the various organizations was the increasing emphasis on technical solutions, while technology resources were either stagnant or declining.  There was a notion of needing to do more with less. 

At the end of the roundtable, all involved could look back at many insightful discussions on a variety of topics and had made discoveries of solutions and tools by networking with the other participants.  AdvantageCS would like to thank all the technology executives that were able to participate in these important meetings.

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