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Conference and Event Management in Advantage

Did you know that Advantage has a solution for handling events that you put on for customers?  The Conference and Event Management (CEM) module supports the registration, invoicing, and informational tracking for conferences (or other events) that your company offers as part of its product line.

Don’t do events?  Think about that possibility for a second.  Some of your customers (and prospects) may well be so interested in your subjects that they are willing to pay to have more involvement.  In addition to servicing some of your most important customers, you can get some actual human interaction and find out what they like and what could work better.

Outsource your events?  There are several alternatives for that.  Can they sell/bundle other products along with the registration?  Do you find out who attended?  Even if you get the attendee list, linking them to your customer database is not always easy.  Usually, this activity does not get loaded and as a result, you don’t have a full view of all the activities the customer has done with you.

Here is a summary of what CEM can do for you:

You can offer conference registrations as part of a normal Advantage order---combined, for example, with a subscription or a product. You can set up promotion choices for standard participation bundles to automate registration.  APIs are available enabling customers to register at your website.  Registrations can also be uploaded.

Within CEM, you can set up the same conference at different locations, organize the conference content by sessions and tracks, and manage seat availability as in-demand sessions fill during the registration process.  The system will also track session conflicts for you---for example, sessions offered at overlapping times---and alert registrants to this during registration entry.  A registration can be entered under a single bill-to (e.g., a company paying for its employees' attendance), or with each participant treated as a separate bill-to.

CEM supports many of administrative and overhead tasks involved in hosting a conference, including: 

- tracking booth and equipment needs for presenters

- associating conference sessions with continuing education credits

- creating nametags

- and recording information on hotel facilities where the conference is held and/or where attendees might stay (Advantage does not get involved in creating actual hotel room reservations, however).

You can create flexible pricing structures, including early, on-time, and late registration fees for the conference or its sessions.  Similarly, you can specify a cancellation fee that is retained when the customer requests an on-time cancellation (late cancellations typically do not refund anything to the customer, although the CEM module allows you to decide that).  You can also set a specific date (and time) for when customers can start registering and a separate date for when they can select sessions.

You can even support a show with exhibitors paying for booth space and the opportunity to meet your customers.

If your company hosts conferences or similar events, or sells seats at such events, the CEM solution is the ideal tool for your integrated Advantage needs.    

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