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Congratulations to Barbara Smith--Soon-to-Be Retiree

Senior software engineer Barbara Smith is officially retiring from ACS at the end of August.  For a time after that, however, she will continue working to finish up several current projects. 

We don't want to say goodbye to Barbara.  But who could begrudge her a retirement she has so thoroughly earned?  In her eleven years at ACS, her contribution has been tremendous.  Barbara served as the lead engineer on many implementations and other assorted projects, many of them for international clients.  She has spent significant amounts of time in London, Paris, Copenhagen and Oxford and enjoyed each city.  Each has its own special charm, she says, explaining that Paris is gorgeous and impressive, while London is more home-y and she likes knowing the language.  Oxford's storied university buildings make it interesting to walk around and Copenhagen is historic and quaint, with many old, old buildings.  She likes to visit landmarks but also to explore each area and discover new places of interest.

Barbara's manager, Karl Davis, has this to say about her:  "Barbara has been an excellent lead engineer and fantastic team member over these past 11 years.  She's worked on many new installation projects in both the US and Europe.  On every project she's been assigned, Barbara's worked hard to serve our clients and provide sound technical solutions.  Her easy-going personality made her a delight to work with, resulting in establishing good relationships with everyone with whom she worked.  While she will be missed, we all wish her well as she begins this new phase of her life."

And Dick Hile, VP of Product Engineering, says:  "Barbara is the type of engineer that makes my job much easier.  When she's involved with an implementation, I know that the client will be well served and that she will do whatever is needed to make it a success.  She will definitely be missed." 

When thinking about her retirement, Barbara vacillates between excitement at the new opportunities that await her, and regret that she will miss the people she works with and the work itself.  "I've enjoyed working with clients and helping them to make their businesses run better through implementing Advantage," she says, "and I'll miss so many of the people I've worked with."

But she has many plans for filling her post-retirement time.  After catching up on sleep, she looks forward to working in her garden, visiting friends and family around the country, finding some meaningful volunteer work, reading, and learning to play the guitar or other musical instrument.  And there are always all those projects around the house—Barbara and her husband, Michael, plus their three cats live in Ann Arbor--that have been waiting for the time to get them done.

Warmest congratulations Barbara!

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