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Congratulations to Dan Sneed: Soon-to-Be Retiree

For much of his 29 ½ years at AdvantageCS, Dan Sneed has been the go-to guy when it comes to data conversions. When he began working on them in the early '90s (see photo), each conversion was custom to the particular client. Dan remembers that it was Phil Montgomery (another soon-to-be retiree) that came up with the idea of CVT transfer tables and Dan was part of the team that developed them. A lot of the design and processes are still used today.

Dan can’t even hazard a guess at how many conversions he has done over the years, but it’s got to be a pretty big number. He has enjoyed the variety---he says that every client is a new challenge and he has found it rewarding to complete each successful conversion.

In addition to data conversions, Dan has worked on such varied areas as payroll and tax programs, accounts receivable, credit card processing, direct debit and report updates.

Dan grew up in Adrian, Michigan, a small town about an hour’s drive from Ann Arbor. He attended the University of Michigan and studied natural resources, earning a degree in natural science. Upon graduation, however, he found that the jobs available in that field did not appeal to him. Newly married, Dan wanted to find a line of work with good paying jobs and job security. He started taking programming classes at night while working at a full-time job in the daytime. After completing his coursework, Dan worked at several companies as a programmer, including R. L. Polk in Detroit and ADP Network Services in Ann Arbor. In October of 1989, Dan made the move to (then) T & B Computing and has been here ever since.

Dan and his wife of 40 years, Betty, live in Pittsfield Township, near Ann Arbor and are delighted that both their children, and therefore all five of their grandchildren, live in the area. They try to host a family dinner for the whole gang at least once a month. Spending more time with the grandkids is something Dan is really looking forward to in retirement. That, and getting back into music---he sang in the Men’s Glee Club at the University of Michigan and was part of a barbershop quartet in the 80’s. Dan plans to do more volunteer work through his church.

Keeping busy won’t be a problem for Dan, although he knows he will miss the people he has worked with for so long. He plans to join the lunch group made up of AdvantageCS retirees who get together once a month or so.

Congratulations, Dan!