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Congratulations to Dianne Killebrew--Soon-To-Be Retiree

Dianne Killebrew, senior support analyst, is retiring from ACS at the end of December. She was hired by Support Center Manager Ev Acton in March of 2000, but the two of them had worked together previously at another company. Dianne has always truly enjoyed providing support, both because she likes helping people and also because you never know what the day is going to bring. You have to juggle and prioritize, explains Dianne, and try to work out deadlines that are acceptable to everyone.

In her years of support experience, Dianne has found that the most important thing is to work with the client to identify the real problem or the true goal of what they want to accomplish. It isn’t always obvious, she says, but when you have that, it’s 50% of the solution. She also tries to state each issue in two sentences or less, which helps ensure that she is working on the right problem.

Dianne credits Ev as being a wonderful boss. “She is always approachable and provides great perspective. And if necessary, she will escalate a problem, which is very important. She always has the bigger picture in mind.” And yet, Dianne says, she manages to keep the working environment light and pleasant. “There are a lot of super people here,” says Dianne, “and I’ve appreciated and valued working with them.” She especially likes the way the support team helps each other out and shares solutions.

Ev has nothing but praise for Dianne’s abilities: “Dianne does an outstanding job of recognizing what is urgent. She is great at making sure that the engineer has adequate time to assist on the task if needed, and that the client has it back in their court with enough time to test or review to ensure their deadlines are met. I often say Dianne sees in color. She knows what color—red, yellow, green--a task is and it really helps us decide how to work through issues. She’s excellent at reviewing her open items list daily and re-prioritizing as needed.”

Greg Stout, Client Services VP, says “Dianne is an excellent multi-tasker. I am always impressed by the number of issues she can juggle simultaneously. She is very skilled at quickly identifying the problem, moving steadily through its resolution, and communicating effectively and in a timely manner with both clients and ACS staff. We will all miss her. I will particularly miss her early in the morning when we frequently arrive at the same time to turn on the lights.”

Caryn Bair of Penton has this to say: “I have worked through some serious issues with Dianne over the years, but we have shared many laughs along the way as well. I think our first shared laugh will always be the best. Dianne had been working with us for a while and was always the epitome of professional and proper. As we were working on an especially taxing problem one day and yet another solution didn’t work, I heard over the phone line “well, s**t”. Then there was a second of silence before she started apologizing profusely. But I was laughing so hard because it was totally out of character for her that I couldn’t even hear her. I could sense that her face was red and she was a bit panicked that she had slipped. After assuring her that I was glad to know she was really human, we continued. And from that point on, we enjoyed a very relaxed working relationship. She became my preferred go-to person because of her personality and her ability to get the job done. I have a tremendous respect for Dianne and will truly miss her presence in the support center.”

Rita Cohen at Massachusetts Medical Society will also miss Dianne. “Dianne is so helpful due to her knowledge of Advantage. Her personality complements her customer service skills, which makes working with her a wonderful experience. She is so knowledgeable and makes solving system issues less stressful. I am very happy for her, but will miss her.”

Dianne lives in Saline with her two cats, Trinket and Munchkin. She knows that the two of them will see to it that she gets up every morning at the same time and otherwise keeps to her schedule. She may be retiring, but Dianne expects to be busier than ever. Her retirement plans include restarting several hobbies that she hasn’t had time for in a while, such as biking and joining some book clubs. She also wants to take up kayaking. But she is most looking forward to spending more time with her daughter, son-in-law and 5-year-old granddaughter, Charlotte Marie. She wants to be able to attend Charlotte’s school activities and other events.

Warmest congratulations, Dianne! We’ll miss you!

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