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Congratulations to Duke University Press - Now Live on Advantage

Hearty congratulations to Duke University Press, who recently went live on Advantage. Duke publishes more than 40 academic journals and 120 new book titles each year. This places the Press's journals publishing program among the five largest and the books publishing program among the twenty largest at American university presses.

(Photo, left to right: Ariel Dela Fuente, Sonya Johnson, Ling Mao, Lesley Jones, Pam Spaulding)

Located in DurhamDuke University Press Advantage project team, North Carolina, the Press publishes primarily in the humanities and social sciences and issues a few publications for professional audiences (e.g., in law or medicine). Duke University Press is best known for its publications in the broad and interdisciplinary area of theory and history of cultural production.

Duke University Press contacted Oxford University Press when they began searching for a new books and journal fulfillment system, and OUP suggested a look at Advantage. Duke needed a system which would integrate all aspects of a customer’s interaction with their website and e-platforms and would allow them to expand their multi-product approach with packages, bundles and more granular content. After a thorough review, Advantage was chosen for its breadth and integration, not to mention our satisfied clients.

This implementation included a large number of modules, most of which also required a data conversion program. Ling Mao led the conversion programming, Ariel Dela Fuente developed the web interface, and both assisted in the development of numerous other extracts and interfaces with Advantage. Levi Hyssong, project manager on the ACS side, would like to thank everyone who has helped along the way to get Duke University Press live on Advantage, with a special thanks to Lesley Jones, the project manager for Duke, who did a great job keeping everything organized and moving forward while dealing with various challenges throughout this long project. Thank you all! 

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