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Congratulations to EuroConsumers: Deco Proteste on a Successful Upgrade

The Portuguese operation of EuroConsumers, Deco Proteste, recently went live on the 2017 release of Advantage. The cutover was impressively smooth, with 70 call center agents making intensive use of the system starting on the first day. Major features of the software upgrade included processing optimizations and agreement synchronization.

Brigitte Huez and Jaak Creemers led the team for EuroConsumers, which included Filipe Lima, Carla Santos, Alexandra Machado, Annelies Schupp, Lien Gillis, Ana Borges, Gregório Umbelino, António Abrantes, Pedro Alípio, Ricardo Roque, Ludo Binnard, Raphael Previdi, Andy De Smedt, José Oliveira, Antonio Ramos, Diogo Alves, André Ramos, Edgar Moises, José Cruz, and Ana Santana.

Stephanie Widrig spearheaded activities competently from the AdvantageCS side, along with team members Binoy Philip, Stephen Oller, and Corey Mantel.

EuroConsumers, a major consumer defense organization in Europe, is made up of Test-Achats organizations in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Brazil, as well as Belgium. This group edits a monthly magazine offering evaluations and ratings of various consumer products, and also publishes magazines on personal finance and health.

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