May 4, 2021
Cindy Twiss

Congratulations to Glenda Stegenga: Soon-to-Be Retiree

After 33 years at AdvantageCS—21 of them as the Human Resources Manager—Glenda Stegenga is retiring. She was hired at AdvantageCS (then T & B Computing) 40 years ago as the administrative assistant to then-president Cecil Murray. Other job titles included Contract Administrator (back when AdvantageCS sold Prime computers) and Sales Rep for previous products called GIGASAV and Tape-2-Tape. 

How did Glenda get into Human Resources? “I always enjoyed learning new things and helping out wherever needed,” she explains, “so when management asked, I was happy to step up to help.”  After 11 years at T & B, Glenda left to become Human Resources/Office Manager at a sister company—American Business Computer—and continued to work there after it was purchased by Sterling Commerce. She came back to AdvantageCS in 1999 and was named Human Resources Manager in 2000. During her tenure, the number of employees has ranged from a low of 65 to a high of 99 and Glenda has given the same care and attention to each one.

“You know Catbert, the evil HR director in Dilbert cartoons? Glenda is basically the polar opposite,” says Matt Varblow, VP of Engineering Services. “Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate how deeply she cares about people and the people at ACS in particular. She’s like a ‘mom’ figure around here, all the way down to the nagging to clean your room or complete your timesheet.” 

“It’s always enjoyable talking with Glenda,” says Tim Zapawa, VP of Client Services. “She has been an advocate and friend of many ACS employees. She's always very welcoming with a big smile, helping people feel right at home and comfortable. Glenda has always worked tirelessly to ensure that all our payroll, benefits, time-off requests and bonuses are processed seamlessly. You can find her at the office on many a weekend afternoon, especially around open enrollment, payroll or year-end, working to ensure that our administrative items (that are easy to take for granted) are working well.” 

Except for a brief time when she was away getting her associate's degree in Business Administration, Glenda has always lived on a farm. Glenda grew up in Ann Arbor on the Zeeb family centennial dairy farm. She and her three sisters did it all including milking cows, feeding calves and other chores.  Her favorite was driving the tractors to haul hay or working up the fields for planting, while getting a tan and listening to CKLW on the radio. Office work seemed easy in comparison.  Just before their marriage in 1980, she and husband Ken—whom she met at the Washtenaw County 4-H Fair—bought a farm in Saline Township where they live and continue to farm growing corn and soybeans. 

Glenda and Ken raised their three children there, including daughter Samantha, who works as a technical deal consultant at Google and lives near Denver with her husband, Mark, and their two children, Taylor and Chase. Second daughter Stacey also lives in the Denver area and is an RN at a hospital there. Stacey has been in the Air Force for 17 years and is currently a captain in the Air Force Reserves. Son Steve is a grain analyst for the LaSalle Group outside of Chicago where he lives with his wife, Alex, and their young daughter, Suzie.

Spending more time with the grandkids and her mom tops the list of Glenda’s post-retirement plans. However, it’s quite a long list. Her favorite “fun things” include travelling, biking, swimming, reading, gardening, canning, camping with high school friends and kayaking. In her spare time, Glenda plans to volunteer, learn to play the ukulele, write her memories into a StoryWorth book, and help Ken on the farm. Her first project will be something she has done a number of times at AdvantageCS--implementing an upgrade to the software Ken uses for his business, Blue Water Transport. She and Ken also plan to spend time during the winter in Cape Coral, Florida where they enjoy seeing family and friends.

Glenda will certainly not be bored in retirement, but she says she will definitely miss the family atmosphere and helping the employees at AdvantageCS.  She especially liked sharing in their family and life events such as weddings, births and watching their kids grow up. 

AdvantageCS will certainly miss her. 

“Glenda is fantastic. You couldn’t ask for a better HR person,” says Doug Moore, Manager, Program Services. “She is always well organized, handles all my paperwork chaos with grace and is very easy to talk to. More importantly, I consider her a wonderful person and friend. Glenda, enjoy your well-earned retirement!” 

“Glenda has been a part of ACS for most of the time that I can remember,” recalls Bryan Varblow, VP of Operations. “She has always been very dedicated to her job and shows her care for each of the employees as she works with them on HR issues. She has worked countless holidays and weekends to ensure that benefits and payroll hum along without others really giving it a second thought. She’s an invaluable part of ACS and we’ve been very fortunate to have her!” 

“What I love about Glenda is how she puts the human in Human Resources,” explains Dick Hile, VP of Product Engineering. “She is equally adept at the roles of confidante, confessor, commandant, counselor and, occasionally, co-conspirator. ACS won’t be the same without Glenda.” 

All of us in your AdvantageCS family wish you and Ken all the best in retirement, Glenda!

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