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Congratulations to Ken Nemerovski: Soon-to-be Retiree

Ken Nemerovski—known to all as “Nemo”—has been a fixture at ACS since early 1982; the earliest start date of anyone currently at the company.

In his nearly 38 years at ACS, Nemo always worked in sales in some capacity. Even though he officially moved to the Client Services Division in 2006 as a Senior Account Manager, he kept his hand in the sales game, with responsibility for selling additional software licenses and third-party products to ACS clients. Nemo also managed third-party relationships for the company as well as license compliance, monitoring usage for clients with such agreements. All that, while serving as the account manager for 14 ACS clients!

InterVarsity Press is one of them. “I have very much appreciated having Ken Nemerovski (aka “Nemo”) as our Advantage account manager,” says Tricia Koning, IT Director at IVP. “During our years of working together, he has consistently given his time to help in resolving any concerns, and in keeping the IVP-Advantage-software-ship sailing along smoothly. I have always been confident that any account-related issue brought to his attention would be tended in both a timely and professional manner. Nemo is reliable, fair, thorough and also always ready to share his perspective---even when sometimes what he needs to tell you might be a bit difficult for you to hear! However, if you listen, you just might learn something from what he has to say. I will miss working with him, and the opportunities to catch up at the annual Advantage Users Group events. Nevertheless, hats off to Nemo for a job well done! May it be a smooth transition into the next adventure.”

Ricky Land of Black Book also appreciates Nemo’s approach. “It’s been a pleasure working with Nemo and I’ll miss getting together for dinner at the Advantage User Group meetings. I have always been able to count on him to be honest and straightforward and he has gone to bat for us on occasion. Nemo has represented ACS well and will definitely be missed, but we wish him all the best in retirement.”

Nemo has always enjoyed client contact and has made many lasting friendships. As a true “people-person,” the four months Nemo spent working from home as the pandemic worsened were difficult. He sorely missed the contact with both co-workers and clients. And no doubt they missed him as well. When asked what he plans to do in retirement, Nemo often replies “If I go to see every one of the people that have said ‘Nemo, after you retire, come visit me,’ I’ll be plenty busy for a few years.”

Tom Hathoot, CFO at Horizon Publishing, appreciates Nemo’s loyalty to his hometown teams. “Anybody who is a Chicago Cub fan is alright in my book, but Nemo goes way past being just alright,” says Tom. “He has been a tremendous liaison between Horizon Publishing Company and ACS. He is both honest and trustworthy in our business dealings and a lot of fun away from work. I hope for nothing but the best for Nemo during his retirement years. I know he will be playing a lot more golf which means I will be expecting a few more strokes on the golf course.” (Nemo: Be warned!)

Nemo says that the thing he enjoyed the most at ACS was being part of a team and that ACS truly was his home away from home. He liked the fact that there was a nearly even split between the matters for which he needed to ask others for help and the things he could help others with. When asked what he will miss the most, he doesn’t hesitate to say: “the people.”

Dan Heffernan, VP of Sales, has worked with Nemo for more than 30 years. “Nemo is one of the most reliable, organized, and experienced persons I know,” says Dan. “He has an infallible memory and has been in hundreds, if not thousands of sales situations and remembers each one. Or at least it seems he does. He is a fantastic resource for ideas and is never far from lightening up the moment with a one-liner. His humor is legendary. As a former boss of mine, I’ve always held Nemo in high esteem and would trust him with my life. He’s a real professional.”

Mike Miklosovic is another long-time co-worker. “Nemo operates with a profound sense of duty and integrity,” says Mike. “Over the years he has overseen implementing many details regarding client contracts and licensing and because of his attention to detail and commitment to accuracy he has served us all very well! Nemo: well done and thank you all your hard work and efforts! We’re going to miss your friendly comradery and productivity.”

A native of Wilmette, Illinois, near Chicago, Nemo came to Ann Arbor in 1968 to attend the University of Michigan, which was the alma mater of both of his parents. He earned his undergraduate degree in Communications, and he has lived in Michigan ever since. His first full-time position was right at the university, where he worked as an Assistant Director of Recreational Sports. He was in heaven in that position, as his love of sports is renowned.

Nemo is also known for his dogged negotiating tactics. Two of his most well-known rejoinders have been “You want to pay how much for that?” and “You know, I have to make a living, too.”

Andy Spantiko, Director of Sales at SRDS and a long-time client, confirms Nemo’s negotiating proficiency. “I have worked with Nemo for a number of years,” says Andy, “and one thing that stands out for me is how Nemo would go to sporting events, especially Cubs games, without tickets in his pocket. He was very skilled at working a deal with the ticket scalpers outside of the stadiums and I don’t think he was ever turned away.”

While in the recreational sports job, Nemo took evening classes over several years and earned his MBA from the University of Michigan. He then took a position as assistant director of admissions for the U of M Business School and did that for two years before coming to ACS (then T & B Computing) in 1982.

Nemo’s current supervisor, Scott Ghormley, has known him all of that time. “Ken and I began our friendship nearly 40 years ago when I joined T & B Computing as an intern. Our shared love of sports---the University of Michigan, in particular---was common ground and his humor and outgoing personality helped put a young kid at ease. However, it was not until our time together as account managers and on the AUG steering committee that we truly worked together, and I saw Nemo in his element. Nemo’s organizational and relationship-building skills were invaluable to ensure the conferences were successful. I cannot thank him enough for his contributions to the AUG conferences and for his friendship over the years.”

Co-worker Bill Pinard has worked with Nemo for most of that time as well. “Nemo and I have worked together for my entire tenure here at ACS---almost 35 years!” Bill reveals. “And I have known him longer than that, though I won’t say for how much longer. I consider him a dear friend and colleague. He has helped me on numerous occasions in dealing with clients over contract, maintenance and client relationship issues. He has often reminded us to consult with him on anything affecting licensing, such as temporary licenses, new modules, additional user licenses and so on. While some may regard this as another hoop to jump through, I was always relieved to know someone “wanted” to be involved. I was only too happy to get Nemo involved.”

Bill goes on to say: “I remember dealing with one client who asked for a fee to be reduced. I always got Nemo involved in these situations and more times than not, he’d say ‘give it to me, I’ll handle it.’ I couldn’t give it to him fast enough! And I knew he would arrive at an approach that was fair to both the client and to ACS.”

“Enjoy your retirement, Nemo,” Bill concludes. “Thank you for being such a good friend and colleague. Now, I just have to figure out whom to ask about the finer points of college basketball.”

Nemo lives in Ann Arbor, a whopping 2.6 miles from ACS headquarters. He has four children and 6 grandchildren, spread out all over the country. The eldest, David, and his wife live in San Diego, California. Number 2 son, Peter, and his wife and 2 children live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Third son, Brian, and his wife and twins live in Ann Arbor---the only one still close to home. Daughter, Christy, and her husband and 2 children live in Dublin, Ohio.

Since the pandemic began in March, Nemo has not been able to visit most of them and the number one thing he is looking forward to in retirement is being able to travel and visit his children and grandchildren. Pandemic permitting, of course.

Nemo is also looking forward to retirement as a time to “declutter his life.” Although he will definitely indulge in a few more rounds of golf, he wants to try new things as well. For example, he wants to learn how to design crossword puzzles; write one or more children’s books and possibly spend some time day-trading on NASDAQ.

It’s clear to see that Nemo has had a hand in ACS’ success over the years. In addition, he has enriched the lives of his coworkers – whom he calls “an outstanding group of very bright people”---and many clients. We wish Nemo all the best in his retirement. He will be missed!

Note: ACS recently held a retirement party for Nemo. It was pandemic-guideline-compliant, taking place outdoors with people keeping a safe distance from others. Bryan Varblow, Dan Heffernan and Doug Moore took turns "roasting" Nemo, but also had plenty of good things to say about him.

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