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Congratulations to Maney Publishing

Maney Reaches 100 Journals

Reprinted with permission from Maney Publishing

Maney Publishing, one of the fastest-growing independent journal publishers, has published its 100th journal with the release of the first 2011 issue of JournalofSpinalCord Medicine. The imprint, whose first journals appeared only in 1998, has become a significant publisher of British society journals and in recent years has extended its publishing activity world-wide, working now for a growing number of learned societies, professional bodies and universities in North America and Australia.

"When I launched the imprint of Maney Publishing in 1997," Michael Gallico, Maney's Managing Director, notes, "the company, since its founding in 1900, enjoyed a very high reputation as a typesetter and printer for societies in the humanities.  Now we have developed the full range of skills of a competitive journal publisher, including a strong electronic presence, but have retained that original ethos of individual service and attention to our clients' needs.  Starting from a position where we published not a single journal, to have reached the century mark is a great vote of confidence in our philosophy by a wide range of partners with whom we have much enjoyed working – and to whom we firmly expect to add others in the years ahead."

By the end of 2011 Maney will have published seven further titles that build upon existing strengths in materials science, archaeology, and the health sciences. From only six staff in 1997, Maney now employs 44 people in the UK and America, and Michael is the first to acknowledge their contribution to Maney's success. "Our experienced team in the UK and USA play a vital role in the development of the company, maintaining successful relationships with our existing publishing partners and attracting new business to take Maney forward into its twelfth decade."

Mark Simon, Maney's Publishing Director, has been instrumental in the growth of Maney's activity in the last decade and particularly its extension into America, where Maney incorporated in 2007. "It has been a great pleasure working with and gaining the confidence of academics and society officers who appreciate Maney's interest in what it publishes and its high standards of service. Maney is a company that is committed to learning and it has been able to share the benefits of innovation with authors and readers in many different areas of research. We continue to develop the best systems for publishing our journals internationally, but at the same time we have been able to maintain the personal attention that society partners expect."

In re-engineering the former Maney business, the global publisher has formed strong alliances with leading technology groups and suppliers worldwide. "Without the strong support and innovation we have achieved from our partners," Michael notes, "it would have been impossible to achieve our current success. From Advantage and Aries in America, to Charlesworth Press and Publishing Technology in the UK, and then to MPS in India and the Charlesworth Group in China, with our agents and aggregators worldwide, we have developed a strong network that allows us to support our authors, editors and customers at the highest level."

Maney now looks forward to another decade of growth and development, building on its reputation for supporting and promoting research, knowledge and innovation in publishing.

About Maney Publishing

Maney Publishing, formed in 1997, is a leading independent publisher of academic and professional journals. Specialising in materials science and engineering, health and life sciences, and the humanities, Maney is committed to technical and editorial innovation for the international dissemination of peer-reviewed scholarship and research. With traditional values of quality and collaboration, Maney delivers personalised service to authors, societies, readers and libraries, and publishes extensively for learned societies, universities and professional bodies around the world. Maney's offices are in Leeds and London in the UK, and Cambridge and Philadelphia in North America.

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