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Congratulations to Our Sunday Visitor on being Upgrade #100!

Today, October 20, 2008, is the first day of live production after OSV's upgrade to 2008R2 this past weekend. It's the 100th Advantage upgrade of the 21st century, says Upgrade Manager, Paul DesRosiers.

"It's core to our business," says Paul, "that clients are on the latest release possible. Frequent upgrades are key to client satisfaction and also make support more efficient for us."

"It's important to us to stay current with the software," says Joe Wixted, Manager of Publishing Business Systems at OSV. "We targeted an upgrade to 2008r2 in order to tie into another project going on at OSV and also to take advantage of its new features; specifically support of the ONIX standard."

It's our goal at ACS for the majority of Advantage clients to be on releases within the last two years.

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