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Creating Custom Report Output---the Easy Way

With the 2018.7 release of Advantage comes an improved way to create custom report output, based on your select criteria. This functionality is available at the browser. It’s easy, it’s robust, and it’s a great way for end users to create custom reports and outputs.

One of the best features of the browser-based approach is the ability to see real-time results. You can both see the results and export them to a CSV or PDF file. In addition, you can run this from within Advantage, incorporating the report into a jobstream or scheduling it to run on a regular basis.

When you add a new select set in the browser, you are prompted for the Select Set Type and Data Source. These are validated drop-down fields; each also has a “quick search” tool to allow you to find values based on words or partial words. A data source is an aggregate of information used for an Advantage task (such as select set definitions). The data source consists of a main Advantage table at the top level, with joins to other Advantage tables as needed.

When you specify criteria for the select set, the Preview results are dynamically updated.

Once you have the results you need, you can send the output to a CSV or PDF file at the touch of a button.

Advantage continues to grow, adapt, and evolve incorporating new technologies to make both input and reporting more efficient.  To learn more, contact your AdvantageCS representative.

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