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Creating Notes from MS Exchange Emails

As of 2012R1, you can use SVC125 to upload customer notes into Advantage from MS Exchange Emails. This is particularly helpful if you have a central email account to which all customer service requests are sent. Uploading these emails into Advantage as Customer Notes allows your reps to efficiently handle customer requests, whether it is via SVCNAC or the Customer Note dialog box.

Exchange Setup

Exchange accounts are set up at CDSSYS/XCH (CDSXCH in .NET).

Enter your Exchange Server Name, Domain Name, Username and Password of the email account from which you want to upload.

Upload Setup

The SVC125 Upload Source setup is done at OPRTBL/UPL.

You will be prompted for the following values:

  • The Exchange Account setup at CDSSYS/XCH (CDSXCH in .NET)
  • Whether to upload all emails or only unread emails
  • An E-mail Action (delete or “mark as read” after uploading)

Mails are read only from the Inbox, not from folders off the Inbox.

The following fields are populated on the SVCOFL-B upload file from the email:

  • Inbound Email Subject
  • Email Address (of the sender)
  • Contact Date
  • Contact Time
  • Long Note Text ID

The body of the email is loaded into the CDSLTX-M table with a cross reference to the Long Text Note ID (you must set the SVC option EXTDNOTE to Y before using this feature).

Requesting SVC125

When requesting the SVC125 from CDSREQ, you will be prompted for the following:

  • Match Level
  • Upload Source Name: from CDSSYS/XCH (CDSXCH in .NET)
  • Folder Assignment Select: setup at SVCFDR/NAS and can be used to organize customer notes into a hierarchical/priority-based structure
  • Default System Name: the system name on the Customer Note

SVC125 will create a customer note based on the sender’s email address. If a match is not found, SVC125 will create the email-only customer in Advantage and then create the note.

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