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Daryl Vautour: Keep Calm and Carry On


Not much ruffles Daryl Vautour.  His easy-going nature and sense of humor help him to be successful in the highly dynamic world of client support.  Support center manager EvActon describes him this way:  "Daryl is an incredible ‘can do, will do' guy!  He helps everyone everywhere whenever he can.  You don't even have to ask him. He's just the best."

In his five years at ACS, Daryl has worked on documentation, served in the support center, performed on-site support and in his current assignment on the project team, helped manage upgrade and implementation projects. Although he enjoyed working in support, Daryl likes the experience of working with clients face-to-face.  And they like working with him as well. After some months of providing telephone support to Oxford University Press (OUP), Daryl went on site to assist in their implementation of the AMB module.    

Teresa Armstrong, OUP Business Analyst on the project, has this to say about him: "For weeks, Daryl was just another name (and a difficult one to spell), a disembodied person who responded to our issues and questions. Then, he came over to help us right before we went live. He was charming, amusing, knowledgeable, hardworking, helpful, what more can I say?"

Sam Hinkley, Business Manager at OUP, says this:  "Daryl is a perfect gentleman. He's polite, professional and efficient and has that all important sense of humour that is most definitely required when dealing with us here at Oxford."

"Daryl was invaluable to our smooth cut over onto the Advantage system and having him on site was a great help," says Theresa Collins, OUP Project Manager for the implementation.

And finally, Andy Wright, OUP Systems Manager, chimes in: "As our Support Analyst, Daryl did a terrific job. He was organised, professional, knowledgeable, very helpful, and kept the pressure on those who needed it in order to get things resolved. He also has the very useful character trait for someone looking after a client in a different time zone, of not being able to stop checking his email at home at all hours of the day and night!  He joined us on-site for the period when a very important project went live and simply put, we would not have gone live if he hadn't been here.  If stealing his passport would have kept him in Oxford, we would have…"

Although born in Massachusetts and raised in the Boston area, Daryl felt drawn to the Midwest when it came time to choose a college.  He ended up at the University of Michigan, where he majored in political science.  In his freshman year, he met future wife and Michigan native, Kelly, and, when they got married (a week after graduation) they decided to put down roots in Michigan.  Daryl was hired at ACS shortly after and is completely at home in his adopted state.  He does retain professional sports team loyalties from his hometown, however, rooting for the Boston Celtics, Red Sox, Patriots and Bruins.  When it comes to college, though, it's University of Michigan all the way.

Daryl and Kelly have two young sons, Christopher, 3 and David, 1.  The family lives in Ann Arbor, not too far from ACS.  As Kelly also works at ACS, as a software engineer, their proximity to the office is convenient for both of them.  And when it's his turn to answer support calls at night, Daryl enjoys the benefit of having an engineer right there.  He's been known to bargain extra diaper duty in exchange for help with a support call, proving without a doubt that his devotion to his clients means he will do whatever it takes to get the job done. 

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