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Database Version Alert for 9R1

We have posted a minimum system requirement of SQL 2005 in our Release Notes for the 2009R1 release, because the release was developed and tested completely in a SQL 2005 environment. This means that if you are upgrading to the 2009r1 release, and are currently using SQL 2000 or earlier, certain pieces of functionality may not be available to you.

As database engines continue to grow and evolve, new features and performance optimizations become available. The 2009r1 release of Advantage makes use of some of these new features that may not be available with a SQL 2000 database.

In April 2008, Microsoft retired the mainstream support for SQL 2000 on many of its service pack levels. For more information on the Microsoft product life cycles, please see the Microsoft Support site.

A full listing of the minimum system requirement for the 2009r1 Release can be found in the Release Notes.
If you are planning on upgrading to a 2009 release, use SQL 2000 or an earlier revision, and do not plan to upgrade your revision of SQL, please give your Account Manager a call to discuss further.

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