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Dave Rees: Enterprising Engineer

Although Dave Rees is a 17-year veteran at ACS, the years are not consecutive.  He was first hired as a new college graduate in 1988.  He worked at ACS (then T & B Computing) for two years in the Trackstar group, a product line that has since been phased out.  He left ACS for a few years and, in the interim, he worked at Unisys and then at a small software company that developed electronic communication software for auto manufacturers and their vendors. 

Dave returned to ACS in 1995 and joined the development group led by Karl Davis.  He did a lot of work with Farm Journal, as well as other clients, and then became a lead engineer, working on implementation projects such as Weekly Reader, Massachusetts Medical Society and National Auto Research.

A couple of years ago, Dave moved to the technical support team, led by Linda Lorenz.  He likes dealing with client issues and enjoys learning new functionality and ways of doing things.  Currently, he spends most of his time on Bayard Presse and has studied French in order to communicate with the people there. He appreciates the fact that ACS is a small enough company that he can see a project through from start to finish and he feels a great sense of satisfaction in doing so.

Evelyn Acton, Support Center manager, enjoys working with him.  "Dave is a man of many words," she says.  "The good news is that they are good words.  He communicates well both with clients and ACS staff.  Our clients always enjoy their exchanges with Dave.  I'm glad he's on the team."

The son of an IBM engineer, in a family that moved a lot, Dave enrolled in the computer science program at the University of Minnesota.  At first, he enjoyed all his classes EXCEPT computer science and thought that he might pursue something else.  He took a break from college, came to Michigan and worked for a time, and decided that computers were indeed what he wanted to study.  He returned to school, at Eastern Michigan University this time, and finished his degree in computer science.  He tossed in some accounting classes along the way, which have served him well working with the accounting functionality in Advantage.

Co-worker Bryan Varblow has this to say about him:  "Dave is dedicated to finding a solution to any problem which comes his way.  Whether it's a quick task or a long term project, you can always count on the fact that Dave will see it through to completion until the client is satisfied that their needs have been fully met.  While Dave is solving the issue du jour, he also brings a positive attitude which encourages all those around him."

Dave and his wife, Shelley, have three children: Emma, 20, a sophomore in college, Matt, 17, a senior in high school and Gabe, 16, a high school sophomore.  The family lives in Redford Township and Dave and Shelley are heavily involved in the worship ministry at their church.  When the kids were younger, Dave spent much of his free time with his sons in Boy Scout activities.  He is proud that Matt has achieved Eagle Scout status and Gabe is very close to it.  Dave's other leisure-time interests include singing in the church worship band, reading up on his Welsh heritage (the family was able to spend two weeks in Wales a few years ago and would love to go back), exercising and tinkering with new technology.

A fun-loving guy with a great sense of humor, Dave has enlivened the ACS office over the years with a ready smile, his non-stop flow of puns, and an ever-changing collection of toys and novelties in his cubicle. Dave has twice served as the emcee at the ACS Christmas party, entertaining employees and guests with his humorous banter.  But when it comes to his job, he's plenty serious.

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