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Dynamic Customer Search

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Starting at 2011R1, Advantage has to ability to perform the customer search when you tab out of the field or with each keystroke. The search behavior for the TAB and KEYSTROKE is activated with the CDS option SRCHWHEN. The valid values are:

·    ENTER: the default behavior; works as currently, and requires clicking the Search button.

·    TAB:  performs the search each time the search data is entered and the user tabs out of the field---there is no need to click the Search button as a separate action.  This can be a way to progressively narrow your search as you enter your search criteria. It may enable you to locate the desired customer more quickly than if you had used the conventional searching.

·    KEYSTROKE:  performs the search each time a character is entered into a search field.  This can narrow your search with each keystroke, and may enable you to locate the desired customer even more quickly than the above two methods. 

The search behavior depends on there being enough search criteria to effectively conduct the search. For example, if you type in just a country name, the system will not perform a search. However, if you add to your search criteria a few characters of postal code or last name, search results will be returned.

The minimum amount of search criteria required for KEYSTROKE or TAB option is at least one of the following:

·    3 characters of postal code

·    2 characters of last name

·    2 characters of company name

·    2 characters of e-mail address

·    4 characters of phone number

The TAB and KEYSTROKE settings are supported in the List and Directory presentations at SVCDAT, but not at Cards. The search behavior applies to both SVCDAT and the Customer Lookup dialog.  It is not available in Web capsules.

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