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Dan's Blog: eCommerce Platform Pitch at FIPP World Magazine Congress

In October, I had the distinct pleasure of attending the FIPP World Congress in Toronto, Ontario. (FIPP is the Federation of International Periodical Publishers, in case you are not in this space.) This magazine congress is held every two years in a different country, and is attended by hundreds of magazine publishers from around the world.

As one of the sponsors, AdvantageCS had the opportunity to provide a 100-second pitch of our product. This is a brilliant idea on the part of the FIPP team to allow sponsors to explain their product or service but to keep it brief. In fact, these 100-second pitches are placed between major presentations and become a bit of a game, which keeps the audience in their seats.

Most publishers don't like to be "sold to" but the attendees can't resist watching to see which vendor uses their 100 seconds the best. The buzzer goes off after 100 seconds, so you don't want to be verbose. The trick is to memorable enough to get the audience members to stop by and talk afterwards. The techies had a little trouble at the beginning of my 100 seconds, so I had to play catch-up a bit to finish on-time.

You can be the judge of how I did, pitching our eCommerce platform which is specifically designed for handling subscriptions. Just click on the FIPP logo.



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