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Emailing Advantage Reports

You probably have a list of reports that you review weekly or even daily. Did you know that you can easily have those reports sent to your email Inbox? Using the Advantage Report Distribution feature is a snap and can deliver your reports automatically without you having to remember to go and look for them!

1. The first thing to do is be sure you have an email address specified on your Advantage user code.

2. Next, you create a Report Distribution Select at OPRDSL that indicates which reports you want delivered to your Inbox. You build a select set as you would at any other select set view. The distribution selects use a main table of OPRRDS-M which likely contains unpurged records for previously sent reports. So, be sure to:

• always include the SENT flag in your select criteria

• include the report name

• and, if the report being emailed is actually generated by requesting another process, then the report name should reflect the main process

For example, if you want a daily email of the Refunds Detail Report (ARP237) which is generated as part of the Cash and Crediting Posting process (ARP230), your distribution select would look like this:.Net select logic

Tools select logic:

The Distribution parameters would look like this. If you want the report emailed to multiple users, just add a level for each user needing the emailed report.

3. The final step to get the Advantage report emailed to you automatically is to schedule OPR300 to run every day with the distribution select you created.

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