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Euroconsumers Live on Advantage

Congratulations to Deco Proteste, a member of the Euroconsumers group, who recently went live on Advantage with their first set of customers. The project involves consumer advocacy organizations in five different countries---Portugal, Belgium, Brazil, Spain and Italy -- that all produce consumer report publications, but have plenty of differences.

The goal of the project was not only to replace the existing fulfillment system with Advantage, but also to revamp and update the supporting infrastructure that integrates with Advantage. As part of the project, AdvantageCS developed a Contact Center solution with new scripting and workflow features that were specifically designed to work for the large contact center operation at Deco Proteste. Euroconsumers made a significant investment in internal resources, vendors, and AdvantageCS to bring the entire business forward with new technology and a digital solution.

There is still a ways to go in getting all the Euroconsumers member organizations onto Advantage and supporting systems.  However, this initial go-live is a meaningful step forward for Euroconsumers to demonstrate that the Advantage solution works for its members and can deliver the intended benefits.

A brilliant and hard-working team of testers, developers, and business analysts in Portugal and Belgium made this Euroconsumers go-live happen.

Pictured are just a few of the members of the Lisbon team celebrating the go-live. Starting from the back: Jaak Creemers, Carla Santos, Brigitte Huez, Alexandra Machado, José Oliveira, Paulo Ferreira, and Antonio Ramos.

On the AdvantageCS side, the team of developers, designers, analysts, conversion specialists, systems experts and testers was led by project managers Eva Weissman, Levi Hyssong and Philippe van Mastrigt. Tim Zapawa was the project director. 

Congratulations to everyone on a job well done!

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