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Europe Links In

After their successful meeting in Paris last fall, Advantage’s European users decided to create a dedicated European Advantage User Group on the professional online network Linked In. They discovered a growing need to share not only Advantage usage and administration knowledge, but to do so within the dynamics and business practices unique to Europe.

At the group’s request, ACS provides the administration for this Linked In group, which extends but does not replace the ACS Message Board.   Linked In is an easy way to strengthen the ties between European users, and also an efficient means to "push" information to the community, through regular "latest news" posts.   ACS actively supports the news effort with regular updates on approved modifications available on the ACS message board, news about the latest revision of Advantage, and even information about the company or the publishing industry. In both English and French, of course!

So, if you are a European user-- including those of you in the US whose companies have activity on Advantage in Europe–you may join the group on Linked In by clicking on: Advantage User Group

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