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European Advantage Users Group meets in London


The 2015 European Advantage User Group meeting was held 15 April at the conveniently located London Paddington Hilton.  Attending were 33 clients representing 12 companies from England, France, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Belgium and Portugal.  AdvantageCS was itself “multi-national,” with staff from England and France as well as the United States.

Dan Heffernan, VP of Sales and Product Direction, led the day and kicked it off with an overview presentation of AdvantageCS news and the roadmap looking ahead.  He highlighted our three newest clients, including Talentum from Finland, who had three representatives at the conference.

One (of many) entertaining images that Dan showed in his Prezi presentation was a pair of blue jeans, indicating a recent dress code change at the AdvantageCS office.  Dan’s point was that, while AdvantageCS is a well-established company, we are working hard to attract a new crop of young software engineers and project managers, many of whom don’t own a tie, much less a suit!

John Sheehy’s presentation on Cider was a big hit.  John, entertaining as always, used a newspaper theme in his Prezi, with the screaming headlines, CIDER LAUNCHES!!  “Articles” in the “newspaper” gave the history of the Cider project, described implementation projects that are currently underway and offered an overview of future development plans.

After a great lunch (Hilton at its finest), Dan did his best to keep everyone awake with a scintillating look at the latest software features.  

Next up was Dick Hile and his droll review (droll: curious or unusual in a way that provokes dry amusement) of the latest in technology updates.  In addition to taking a quick peek under the hood of the new Call Center and Contact Center features, Dick regaled us with future plans for Failover Clustering Support, ‘Quantum’ Upgrade Technique, Improving the Order Pipeline, and Changes to Posting.  Riveting stuff!

The day ended with (Oscar-worthy) John Sheehy back on stage with a journey up the Automated Testing mountain.  His Prezi was indeed a mountain theme, showing how AdvantageCS is serious about climbing the mountain of QA and testing in order to help our clients with the challenges of moving up to continuous updates.

Finally, the day was noteworthy for the time everyone had to network and get to know other clients.  As always, a valuable aspect of the day was the opportunity to meet and interact with other users of Advantage.  Networking has consistently been rated by attendees as one of the greatest benefits of the conference and the 2015 European Advantage User conference was no exception.

Hope to see you there next year!


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