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Even More Highlights of 2008R2

Here are even more highlights of the latest release.
  • You can now include AMB agreements in inventory packages that are set up at the INVPAK workspace.  You can include a CIR subscription (or a PRO product) with an AMB agreement within the same package for your customers, and offer package pricing.  Currently, only single-access-point agreements may be used with this feature.
  • A new view, OPRDAT/SES, tracks the history of user locations, as well as high-level activity (logging in and out, routing between views, etc.).  This information could be of use in researching system problems, for example---since you have an audit trail of how users have moved through the system.
  • With this release, separate transaction tables have been created as associated tables to both the CPNPMO-M and CIRPMO-M tables. The new associated tables contain only the statistical portions of the current promotion tables (and omit the fields related strictly to promotion setup). These tables are updated by Advantage processes, which in turn update the main CPNPMO-M and CIRPMO-M tables when the process completes successfully.

    One effect of this change is that users can now be working at the CPNPMO workspace and its views (to add and maintain promotions) while the posting processes are running.
  • A separate Date of Birth field has been added to the main Advantage customer record. Many clients use this information in their daily business, and previously have had to store this in a customer demographic field. The new date-format field allows the customer's birthdate to be stored directly on the main record.

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