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Evolving Marketing Landscape Discussed at CMO Roundtable

Last month, AdvantageCS hosted a gathering of marketing executives from our European clients at the offices of Bayard Presse in Paris. The event provided attendees with lively discussions of the various markets in which they operate across Europe and how they’ve been able to succeed amidst a continually evolving landscape of consumers, content, technology, and marketing strategies.

Each attendee presented their view of the marketplace, the challenges being faced, and how they’re working to increase their subscriber base. While attendees represented a diverse group of newspapers, magazines, digital content publishers, membership organizations, and service organizations across western Europe, the Nordics, and the United Kingdom, similarities were found, and ideas that could be immediately tried back home were shared.

Many of the marketing executives described how print subscription volumes were decreasing, but still providing the foundational revenue for their business. The challenge was in identifying other revenue streams that could replace lost print revenue. This often centered around either new types of products that leveraged the expert content generated by the organizations, or by growing a larger online community to better engage with consumers. Many attendees saw possibilities for business growth that took advantage of growing online capabilities.

In some cases, attendees were able to demonstrate how they were bucking the trend of falling print subscription revenue and actually growing that sector of their business. This often involved going against certain areas of conventional marketing wisdom around trials, subscription terms, and premiums.

Idea-sharing and networking continued into the evening at a dinner on the first day and also gave attendees the opportunity to get to know each other socially.
AdvantageCS holds management roundtables periodically, bringing together experts from a variety of client businesses to explore the challenges they face, solutions they’ve found, and experiences they have in common. Participants consistently tell us they have found these roundtables highly valuable.

Thank you to all the Roundtable attendees who made this event a success! And thank you, Bayard Presse, for hosting!

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