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Exciting New Features in 2008r3!

The third Advantage release for this year will be available early next month, and brings many enhancements to the season's hottest module: Access Management and Billing (AMB). For instance:

  • You can now impose a limit on the number of participants on an AMB agreement. When this agreement-level limit is reached (during both screen entry and on the Web), further participants cannot be added unless current participants are removed or the limit is raised. This will help you control maintenance on agreements where such limitations are critical.
  • If you have "administrative participants" on AMB agreements (that is, people whose job it is to maintain the agreement and its participants), you can now add them in a true administrative capacity. Previously, these participants were automatically counted in per-participant pricing. However, if these people will never access the agreement's content, you can now add them to the agreement without including them in pricing, or against the new "number of participants" limit.
  • AMB agreements can now be added as items to a promotion (along with CIR and PRO items), and fully participate in promotional pricing and discounting. This includes the use of agreement "choices" set up at CPNTBL, similar to the current subscription, item, and member choices that are available on the system.
  • Support for end-user license agreements (EULA's) have been added for AMB. You can create EULA text, display it on your website, and track on the AMB agreement whether or not the customer has accepted the terms of the EULA.
  • An earnings table, AMBERN-S, has been added for tracking income associated with AMB agreements. This feature, modeled on the CIRERN-S table that is available for CIR, allows you to analyze AMB income by access point within accounting period. The table further tracks this income by customer and location (if there are multiple participants on an agreement, the table uses the first participant found).

For more information on Advantage 8R3, contact your ACS Account Manager.

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