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Exciting New Features in 2009R1!

The first release of 2009 offers some exciting new features and will be available in early February. Here are some highlights:

  • Conference and Event: You can now choose to defer income for conference registrations entered within the CEM module (previously, all income was earned up front when the registration was posted). This will allow you to accept registration orders, but not earn the associated income until the actual start of the conference. This behavior is variable at the individual conference/location level.
  • Gift Subs: A new analysis table, CIRPMG-M, tracks promotion responses for subscriptions that have been specifically identified as "gifts." While one definition of a gift subscription is simply one where the bill-to and ship-to customers are different, CIRPMG-M uses a specific flag on the donor type record to identify gift subscriptions. The table allows you to report on such conditions as gift subscriptions where the donor her/himself is one of the recipients.
  • Upsell from an upsell: Advantage upsell functionality has been enhanced to allow you to upsell from one specific promotion choice to another. For example, you could set up two offers for a subscription under a promotion, one for a 12-month term and one for a 24-month term. When the 12-month term is ordered, your upsell setup can prompt the rep to promote the 24-month choice to the customer.
  • Subject Chains: Advantage now supports searching for products by pre-defined item subjects, as well as building "subject chains" for a collection of items. Subject chains are used mostly on websites, and allow you to provide drill-down capability to the customer, similar to functionality offered on many e-commerce websites. For example, you could build a chain consisting of "books > nonfiction > sports > golf," where the number of items that satisfy the search decreases as you move down the chain. This will allow your website customers to pinpoint desired items more quickly and efficiently.
  • Multiple email addresses on CEM and PRO: You can now record multiple e-mail addresses for a single conference registration, or a PRO order line. Similar to the CIREML-M table, the new CEMEML-M and PROEML-M tables will allow you to capture more than one e-mail for a conference participant, or PRO ship-to customer. This can facilitate communication with the customer regarding these orders.

For more information on Advantage 2009R1, contact your ACS Account Manager.

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