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Falling Leaves, Rising Hopes: University of Michigan Football

In Ann Arbor, the coming of autumn means more than just the return of thousands of students, or advanced dread of another Michigan winter. It also means the date that every University of Michigan alumnus has had circled on the calendar for months: the start of another Wolverines’ football season!

It’s hard to describe Ann Arbor in full swing on a home football Saturday. A deluge of people, monumental backups on Interstate-94, maize and blue as far as the eye can see (except on the visiting fans that poke out from the background here and there). If you’ve never been inside the Big House for a football game, you’ve missed an experience. At over 107,600 seats (officially it can hold over 115,000) Michigan Stadium is the largest stadium in the US, and the second largest in the world. When filled to capacity it would be the largest city in seven different US states. The last time the team drew fewer than 100,000 attendees for a game, Gerald Ford (a U of M alumnus) was president. Gas was 57 cents a gallon. You get the idea.

This year…and if you’re a college football fan we don’t need to tell you...excitement has been running high for months. The school has pilfered Jim Harbaugh from the National Football League to return to coach the team he played for under the legendary Bo Schembechler. With both of the key “rivalry” games at home this year (Michigan State and the reigning national champion Ohio State Buckeyes), it’s no surprise that all home game tickets virtually sold out in record time.

As you might expect, many AdvantageCS employees are proud U of M graduates…though not all! There are among us even a handful of Michigan State Spartans, and we freely admit that we love them 364 days a year. Michigan State has a fine football team this year, and plenty of reasons to be proud. But we’re pretty sure Coach Harbaugh and the team will have them squarely in their sights when the Spartans pay a polite visit to the Big House on October 17.  

So the loud roar you hear from Ann Arbor on seven Saturdays this fall won’t be because they’ve rescheduled the Art Fair, or because the students are protesting some hot issue on the “diag” in front of the graduate library. It’ll be 110,000 people cheering and joining in singing the Victors as Coach Harbaugh leads the Wolverines into a season that’s been the most highly anticipated in a long while.

And don’t worry. Our Support Center is still always there to take our clients’ phone calls if they need us…even on a football Saturday!

(photo courtesy of Vinal Desai Burbeck)

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