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First Release of 2010 Offers Cool New Features

Advantage 2010R1 is full of new functionality and cost-saving features.  Here are some highlights:

  • Auto-renewal Chains --With this release, you can set up auto-renewal "chains," which will allow you to step a customer through a series of structured offers with each CIR350 auto-renewal of the subscription.  For example, the initial offer might be for a basic rate, while term 2 steps the customer up in price, and term 3 offers a "loyalty" premium.  The feature makes use of subscription choices for defining the offers, and the pricing for each step in the chain is up to you.
  • Automatic Migration Path --You can now use the Advantage inventory package feature to set up an "automatic migration" structure, whereby a customer is automatically moved from publication A to publication B when the first subscription expires.  You can set up as many publications in the package as you wish, using whatever pricing you want.  When the order is released, the system creates the subsequent subscriptions in suspend status.  When one subscription expires, CIR410 resets the subscription on the next one, and makes it the active subscription.
  • First Name in Search --Previously, Customer First Name was available as a filter field at SVCDAT and in Customer Lookup.  You can now set a system option to have first name appear as a search field proper on the main SVCDAT/Customer Lookup view.
  • Subscription "Restocking" Fee --With this release, you can link a fee to a customer cancel of a subscription, and credit the customer the cancellation amount less the fee (in this regard, the feature is similar to the restocking fee available for PRO returns).  You can charge the customer either a flat amount, or a percentage of the cancellation credit.  The cancellation fee can be linked to a promotion credit policy set up at CPNTBL/CPT, or it can be entered directly with the cancel at MSTDAT/SVC.
  • Reserve Premium Before Earned --You can now configure the system to have it commit stock for unearned premiums, as a way of ensuring that enough of the premium item is available at the time the customer places the order.  Along with the automatic commit, you can have the system display a message if the premium is overcommitted (or out of stock), and optionally offer the customer a secondary, backup premium item. 

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