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Advantage Software: Focused Searches in the Online Documentation

If you’re running a version of Advantage that is 2014r1 or later, the online help you see was built using the Orchard platform (the same tool that is used to power Cider in Advantage). One of the strengths of Orchard is the ability to perform focused searches…provided you know the format and syntax that Orchard wants us to use.

Suppose we’re trying to recall an element of functionality related to trial terms. If we enter the literal string trial term (without quote marks) into the 2016 online help, we get back a discouragingly high number of hits…516, to be exact. That’s because the search query we’ve entered is looking for all occurrences of either the word “trial” or “term.” Not surprisingly, Advantage has a lot of references to one or the other of these words.

We can do better. Let’s enter “trial term” (this time with the quotes) to search for that exact string. That reduces the number of hits to 24. Better. But we don’t have time today to look through that many entries. Then we recall that we’re looking for info on trial terms as they relate to print subscriptions specifically (and not subscriptions to digital, which also supports trials). Fortunately, searches in Orchard allow us to use the concept of tags, and every page in the help is automatically tagged with the manual in which it appears. So we enter the following (exactly as it appears here, not including the final period): “trial term” AND tags: CIRDE.

Now we only find 7 hits. But then…aha!...we recall that we’re looking for info on trials and the print subscription Migration transaction, specifically. We can use Orchard’s proximity search, which allows us to look for occurrences of any two terms within ‘n’ words of each other, in a single help page. So let’s drop the word “term,” and enter this into the help (again, exactly as here, except for the final period): “trial migration”~50.

Voilà! This time, out of thousands of existing help pages, we’ve succeeded in locating the single page in the Advantage help that discusses trials in the context of print subscription Migrations. Focused searches in the help can save you a lot of time and effort (not to mention scrolling through long lists of search results). All it takes is a basic knowledge of Orchard search syntax…and a little practice!


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