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Friday Five for July 28 – New revenue streams, Audiobooks fast growth, Keeping customers happy, and more

A round-up of publishing industry news

The number of articles, opinion pieces and blog posts shared on the web every day can be overwhelming, but keeping up with industry trends helps us stay ahead of the curve. Here are 5 topics that captured our attention this week:

  • Diversified revenue streams are a great way to multiply revenue, says our own VP & Chief Product Manager, Dan Heffernan. Pub Exec has identified 29 ways for publishers to branch out and increase their value
  • “Audiobooks are the fastest-growing format in the book business today”, a trend that started in 2014 and is continuing to gain traction
  • In trade publishing, events have become the single biggest revenue driver. Some B2B publishers now resemble “events companies that sometimes use print magazines as a way to market their shows” – and Conference & Events Management in Advantage makes it easy to handle all aspects of events management, from registration to tracking to invoicing
  • A great customer experience from conversion to customer service and retention is critical, as “Customers are now more than ever an asset to the company”. CX Network has curated a list of 25 resources dedicated to measuring and improving customer happiness
  • "Email newsletters serve a critically important direct connection to audiences that serves as a counterweight to the mercurial algorithms of Facebook" for publishers like Quartz, The Washington Post and Vox Media. Digiday has the details behind this strategy

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