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Harmony, Stability and R & D

Earlier this month we hosted several people from our most recent European client. During dinner, I got to talking with the senior executive about the company culture at AdvantageCS. He commented that we were quite unusual for a software company in the way that HARMONY seemed to permeate the interactions he observed among our people during an extended tour of our facilities. And he noted that same harmony spilling over into the many meetings of their visit. He was also struck by the long length of stay of our people (14 years average), and that the mission of the company requires the owners to be employees, which means we never entertain the frequent offers of outside investors.

He was applauding our commitment to stability for our clients and employees as a very good business growth strategy. I left unsaid my thoughts that, for me, it’s also very nice to work in a place where harmony and stability are the standard, and it’s a tremendous side effect to see this pave the way for stability and harmony with our clients. 

This leaves me particularly mindful these days of the recent acceleration of our ACS-sponsored R&D work. Naturally, we’re really excited about the new features and technology this brings to our software for the benefit of our clients. However, I’m also acutely aware of the extra strain our accelerated R&D brings to our quality assurance process. We are now underway with a re-conceived quality process and have expanded our QA team to handle the increased volume of R&D.

Stability and harmony. Such powerful qualities to foster success in a workplace and in relationships with clients. Our current challenge is to ensure stability in our software during this period of major R&D. Please stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated.

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