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New User Interface on Advantage Help Website Offers Click-through Browsing, Focused Search, and Proximity Search

Now it’s much easier to find the help you need on the Advantage help website.  It’s been reformatted using the Orchard online platform. This change, effective with the 2014r1 version of the help, offers an improved user interface, easier click-through browsing, and powerful search tools to help focus your search results.

The help content remains what you’re used to seeing, with how-to explanations, screen images, and report samples for the standard documentation set. However, hyperlinks have been added for each level of the help to allow you to quickly access the subsidiary topics underneath. For example, the topic “Basic Agreement Information” includes quick links to such subtopics as agreement type, agreement ID, and agreement period.

You can take advantage of focused search tools to refine your search results. To limit your search to just topic titles, enter criteria such as the following (to search across titles for the word “agreements”): title: agreements. To limit your search to a specific manual or subset of manuals, enter criteria such as the following (to search in the CIR Data Entry and AMB manuals for the word “issues”): issues AND tags: CIRDE, AMB.

Another available search tool is proximity searching, which allows you to search for terms within ‘n’ words of each other. To search for topics that contain the words “issues” and “credit” within 10 words of each other, enter the following criteria (the quotes are required): “issues credit”~10.  

Search tools can be combined. You could conduct a proximity search, for example, while limiting your search to text in the Customer Service manual. So, to search on topics that contain the words “customer” and “address” within 10 words of each other just in the SVC manual, enter the following criteria: “customer address”~10 AND tags: SVC.

While providing the same informative content, the reimagined help website and its tools will improve and speed up your Advantage online help experience.

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