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Highlights of 2010r3

Here are some of the new features you will receive with the 10R3 release of Advantage, which is scheduled for release in October.


·         The following additional flexibility has been added for Access Management and Billing discounting:

-          The ability, at the agreement level, to specify separate default discounts for a new agreement and a renewal to that agreement.

-          The availability, at the access point level, of such "PRO-like" discounting features as combination code, discount source, etc.

-          The ability to offer an access point discount through a specific date, or indefinitely.

·         For AMB agreements, you can now offer ‘n' number of free days before the paid agreement starts.  Previously, you could offer free days at the end of the agreement, but not the start.  These are now discrete fields on the agreement entry dialog---"free days" prior to the start of the agreement, and "extension days" after the paid agreement is finished.

·         You can now perform many subscription modifications directly at SVCDAT/CIR through the use of a Modification push-button.  This is the same functionality that is available through the Subscriptions call list component at TELDAT.  The Modification button at SVCDAT/CIR offers most of the major subscription adjustments, including cancel, RAT, RTC, suspends, etc.

·         A default coupon has been added to the promotion options setup.  You can now have this default coupon code flow onto all orders entered under the promotion.

·         You can now expose the City name as a direct search field at SVCDAT.  Previously, City was available through the search filters only at the SVCDAT workspace; it can now function as one of the customer search fields.

·         You can now specify a callback time on a customer note, in addition to the callback date.  Thus, you could log (for example) that the customer is to be contacted on 3:00 p.m. on the specified date.

·         A call list component for AMB has been added to Telesales.  As part of a call, you can now inquire on or service the customer's AMB agreement.

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