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Highlights of 2011R1

Here are some of the exciting new features in 2011R1, now available.  Contact your account manager for more information. 

  • The promotion code maintenance user interface (formerly CPNPMO and its views) has been rewritten using the Advantage list frame and scripting features.  The new view, CPNDAT/PMO, allows the setup and maintenance of promotion codes and their related records (e.g., promotion items, regular premiums) from a central data entry point…instead of requiring you to route to multiple views.  The Advantage scripting feature allows you to construct different entry/maintenance scripts using a subset of fields: for example, perhaps you will have one script for entering e-marketing offers, and another for traditional mail offers.

  •  A new table contains several key AMB data elements as "virtual fields," allowing you to use them in your selects and user-defined reporting.  Such AMB fields as agreement expire, agreement status, billing status, etc. are not stored as static fields in Advantage, but rather are dynamically calculated as needed.  Previously, these fields were displayed on the agreement at customer service views, but not available for use in selects and reporting.  The new AMB "virtual field" table allows you to do this.
  • The AMB module has been changed so that agreements no longer earn income during suspension periods.  The system offers options regarding how the earnings are handled once the agreement is restarted; however, the agreements will now always cease to earn during suspensions.
  • A new "area transfer" feature allows you to move information…for example, setup data…from one of your Advantage areas to another, or multiple other areas.  You may wish to designate one area as the "master area" for setup-type information and periodically propagate these tables to other areas in order to keep all areas in synch.

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