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Highlights of 2011R2

Here are some of the features you'll find in the second Advantage release of this year.  Contact your account manager for more information.


  •  A new set of AMB tables gives users access to "virtual" information on transactions which Advantage does not otherwise store with the agreement.  Users can access such data as: agreement start date less free and adjustment days, expire date less grace days, and a conversion from trial flag.  At the access point level, data such as the following is available: access point event (add, change delete), price override flags, discount amount, sales amounts.  In addition, deleted access points are now retained for historical purposes.  Users can make use of these tables---which have been implemented as SQL views---in selects and user-defined reports.
  • A "replacement" subscription modification has been added, which can be invoked at SVCDAT/CIR once you have located the customer's subscription.  You might be able to retain a customer who wants to cancel his/her subscription by offering a "replacement."  The modification uses available credit toward the customer's new order---which can be another CIR subscription, but can also a PRO item, an AMB agreement, or an inventory package.  All of this is processed in one seamless transaction from SVCDAT/CIR.
  • A dedicated AMBREN/ARN view has been implemented for AMB autorenewal selects (previously, these were set up at CDSSEL).  AMBREN/ARN includes standard "lowest level" functionality, such as the ability to specify a premium set or an agreement choice.
  • Autorenewal chain functionality has been added for AMB.  This is closely modeled on the CIR feature, where you can set up a series of autorenew offers through which customers can be stepped---including incremental price increases or decreases, as you prefer.
  • Previously, AMB access points were added for all participants, or for just a single participant.  This has been expanded so that you can identify a subset of participants to which the access point should be applied.  In addition, you can set up access point pricing with a participant limit---for example, you can set up the access point with a limit of 6 participants, and add and remove participants within that preset limit.
  • A new CIR package synchronization process has been added.  Through this process, you can "synch up" CIR expire dates for subscriptions in a package, if these dates have become disconnected over time.  The process does this by creating adjusting RAT transactions.
  • You can now create a master contract in Royalty that earns at the individual contract level (previously, these always earned at the master contract level).  In addition, for master contracts, you can now perform adjustments at the level of the master contract (previously, these were always performed at the individual contract level).

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