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Highlights of 2012R1

Exciting new features abound in 2012r1.  In addition, these highlights include features from 2011r3. 

  • A new method of order upload---Order Stream---is available with this release. This upload framework employs .xml input to a new MST125 process that can be used to add CIR, PRO, AMB, CEM, and MBR orders. Order Stream includes an error correction process whereby you can define correction rules that automatically repair and resubmit records that were placed into error status by the MST125 process. Also, the feature includes a robust and flexible error correction view, where you can manually review and repair error records, and then resubmit them for processing.
  • A consolidated payment view, MSTDAT/PAY, has been added. This view combines (and replaces) the ARPCSH and MSTDAT/CSH payment entry points, and provides a consistent and central place for payment entry and related payment functionality (such as refunds). 
  • Subscribed CIR items can now be offered as part of a premium set (previously, only PRO items could be included in premium sets). You additionally indicate whether the CIR premium is to be sent to the bill-to customer or ship-to customer. Finally, if the premium is earned as part of a paid CIR subscription order, and the paid subscription is cancelled, Advantage automatically cancels the free premium subscription as well.
  • The AMB module now supports on-approval orders. As with the related functionality in CIR, you can create AMB agreement orders, but delay having financial information posted into Accounts Receivable until the initial payment is received.
  • With this release, Advantage provides a Promotion Offers feature. This allows you to define characteristics of a promotion (for example, items, premiums, upsells) that may repeat from promotion to promotion. Instead of needing to perform setup for each promotion, you define the "offer," and then link the promotion to an offer.
  • The customer authentication feature now includes the ability to lock users out of a website if they fail ‘n’ id/password login attempts during a defined period. This can protect the integrity of your customers’ id and password records, and increase overall website security.
  • A package allocation feature allows you to set up packages so that PRO items are assigned a proportional weight of the eventual package pricing. At order entry time, Advantage uses this weighting, along with the determined package price, to split the cost of the PRO components proportionately.

For more information on 2012r1, contact your account manager. 

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