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Highlights of 2012r2

This release is packed full of great stuff, in addition to being fully .NET.  Here are some of the features you’ll find in 2012r2, which will be available June 30:

  • A dedicated AMB E-mail table has been added, similar to the tables for CIR, PRO, and CEM e-mails. For a given participant/access point combination on an agreement, you can record one or more e-mail addresses, and use these to focus communication with the customer regarding that access point.
  • Search capabilities for AMB customer service have been enhanced to include a "search by participant" feature across agreements.
  • An AMB "Save the Cancel" feature has been added. This allows the rep to record an explicit transaction when (for example) on the phone with the customer, which represents a successful attempt to dissuade the customer from canceling. The transaction also records the remaining liability on the agreement at the point of the save.
  • A geo-based promotional pricing feature has been available for subscribed publications. Under this feature, you can set up alternate promo item pricing based on the customer’s location---state/province, country, and region. You can also require that an explicit geo-based record be present…to restrict sale of the item at that promo price to a certain location. With this release, the same pricing feature is available for products. As with the subscribed publications feature, you can also specify the geo-based pricing on the choice (item choice), and require the presence of a geo-based record to restrict the availability of the promotion price.
  • All items available for sale in Advantage must be set up at the product master (INVDAT). While item inventory records include such critical elements as pricing, the required inventory records for publications, access points, and conferences do not carry as much data---and are often easily overlooked as part of setup.   With this release, you can have Advantage auto-create the background inventory item record whenever a publication, access item, or conference is added at the normal setup views for these modules.   The feature makes certain default assumptions regarding population of the Title, SAC Code, etc. on the item record. Once the record is auto-created, it can be maintained as normal at the INVDAT view.
  • The Item Status and Item Saleable Flag features at INVDAT have been enhanced in module-specific ways. For all modules, you can now set a future date for Item Status to represent (for example) products that you are acquiring but which are not yet active, or products that you are "retiring" a future date. The Item Saleable flag can now be set to represent a status of "no new sales, returns allowed" for PRO and "no new/renewal sales, all modification transactions allowed" for CIR and AMB.

For more information on 2012r2, contact your Advantage account manager.

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