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Highlights of 2013R2

Here are some of the exciting new features coming in Advantage 2013r2.

• A new Advantage view, AMBAGC, allows you to view and work with components on AMB agreements. Unlike AMBAGR, which is agreement-centric, AMBAGC focuses on the customer’s current components regardless of their containing agreements. This is a similar concept to SVCCIR; in addition, since AMB agreements can contain both CIR and PRO components, the AMBAGC view can function as an overall “consolidated subscribed services” view for the customer, if you have entered orders in this way. The AMBAGC view allows you to view and make changes to the components.

• More flexible discount handling is now available, through the addition of a discount percent and discount combination code at several Advantage setup views. The combination code lets you specify, for example, whether two competing discounts should be added together, compounded, whether the higher of the two discounts should be used, etc. The combination code had been available in certain PRO and AMB discounting scenarios, and has been added to these discounting features: volume discount, promotion items, promotion choices, CIR and AMB renewal promotion items, and agent discounts.

• The billing auto-suspend feature available in CIR has been added to AMB. This feature allows you to place agreements on immediate billing suspend based on rules that you construct. (This can be used, for example, for bill-me agreements where you want to withhold access to content until payment is received.) The feature also allows you to immediately bill-suspend any CIR subscriptions that were entered as components under the agreement.

• Agreement suspensions now support a “temporary suspend” mode, where an explicit start and resume date are entered (previously, all AMB suspensions were treated as indefinite, with an explicit action needed in order to reactivate the agreement). In addition, if you suspend the agreement from AMBAGR, the system will now display any active CIR subscriptions that are components on the agreement, and offer to create matching CIR suspensions.

• A new “reserve the credit” feature allows you to mark credits from cancels and product returns (as well as unapplied credits) with a specific credit usage rule. For example, these rules can be constructed to restrict use of the credit to the organization whose product was involved in the original cancel. This feature can be useful in a multi-organization environment that has rules regarding segmentation of the business between units.

• You can now restrict the use of promotions by country. The Promotion Defaults dialog includes a Countries button, from which you construct a valid countries list. When activated, the feature limits promotion responses to countries that match the ship-to customer’s location on the order. (For AMB, the order-by customer is used if non-blank; otherwise, the bill-to customer is used.)

• Advantage now allows you to accept and enter payment in a currency that is different from the debit to which it is being applied. Unlike the previous Add Foreign Payment action, the new feature does not require a separate action, works automatically and silently for all entry points (including uploads), and can be used for payment by either cash or unapplied credit. Both during new order entry (for example, at MSTFST) and invoice payment (for example, at ARPPAY), you can enter a customer’s payment in the submitted currency, even if the billing currency of the order or invoice is different. Advantage will convert the payment using a currency conversion date equal to the date added of the current ARP control group.

This release will be available in late summer. For more information, contact your account manager.

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