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Highlights of Advantage 2008R1

  • The Telesales module has been substantially expanded with this release, and also renamed to "Teleservices." The Teleservices redesign allows you to create flexible call lists, each with its unique set of components (for example, customer subscriptions, customer A/R, orders), and also to perform an expanded number of functions within each of these components, or stages, of the call. For instance, you can perform a subset of subscription modifications?such as rate and copy changes?without breaking the call flow. And you no longer need to route from view to view during the call; Teleservices presents the entire call flow, from A/R inquiry to customer addresses to order entry, in one scrollable view.

  • Advantage now supports discounts by "coupon." This is a discount program that allows you to offer a discount percent or flat dollar amount off an order, based on such order criteria as the items being ordered, the owning organizations of the items, the order promotion, and others. You control whether the coupon can be applied multiple times on an order, and whether it can be reused by the same customer across orders.

  • Pro-forma functionality has been expanded into a quote management feature. You can set up multiple quotes (pro-forma orders) for a customer, and control the length of time for which the quote offer is valid. The feature offers flexible means for storing, presenting, and sending a quote to the customer.

  • All batch process and report requests have been consolidated into a single view, CDSREQ . The view allows you to more easily maintain process schedules and run-time options, and also offers the ability to create and schedule jobstreams.

  • Access Management (AMB) agreement entry has been added to Master Order. This means you can create a combined order consisting of CIR subscriptions, PRO products, Conference and Event registrations, and Access Management agreements.

  • Order entry scripting at MSTDAT/FST now includes full access to CIR subscription data entry fields, for tailored order entry scripts.

  • Credit card information has been consolidated into a single database table. This minimizes, for security reasons, the number of places that the customer's credit card information (including the encrypted number, if you are using that feature) is stored on the system.

  • When you are entering an order that includes installment billing, you have the option of varying, on the fly, the installment amounts and dates for the customer. For example, you might offer the customer the choice to weight his or her payments toward the end of the installment schedule.
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