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Highlights of Advantage 2009R1

The first release of 2009 offers some exciting new features. Here are just some of the enhancements. Contact your account manager today to learn more.

Systems Changes

  • Login Enhancements
    A new table has been added to store user login information. This table, CDSLGN-D, is populated during the upgrade, and contains the user code (USR-CDE), domain name (DMN-NME), and the user's system login name (USR-LOG). A user can have more than one record, if she/he uses multiple domains.
  • Alternating Row Colors in User Displays
    With this release, you can configure your Advantage session to display list frame rows in alternating colors; this visual aid can be helpful in setting off rows in long lists from each other.

Advertising Changes

  • Account Mappings in ADM
    The previous rather haphazard approach has been replaced by true account mapping, with the mapping ID's located on the Systems view within ADM---ADMTBL/SYS.

Customer Changes

  • Company Name "Contains" Search
    Previously, the search on the Company Name field at SVCDAT and in the Customer Lookup dialog was a prefix search only. You now have the option to use either a prefix or a "contains" search on this field---set the new CDS option COMPNAME to either "P" or "C" to indicate your preference.
  • Expanded Phone Number Fields
    The four phone number fields have been expanded to 25 characters.
  • Multiple Future Addresses
    You can now have up to 9 future addresses for a customer.
  • Require Password Change with Next Use
    You may now require a user to reset their password after their initial login.

Access Management Changes

  • Agreement Choices
    You can use the subscription, item, and member choice features to structure multiple promotion offers, and then attach the offer defined by that choice to one or more promotions. Now, in addition to subscription, item, and member choices, you can create choices for AMB agreements and offer them as part of your promotions.
  • Access Agreement Upload Process
    A process was added allowing you to load in new AMB agreements, new AMB agreement versions, and AMB agreement renewals, where the data involved has been created outside of Advantage.
  • AMB Liability Forecasting
    A set of database tables related to AMB liability forecasting, and the processes to populate and purge them, are available with this release. These tables can provide agreement liability information as of a given point in time (i.e., a snapshot), as well as projected future earnings.
  • Referring Customer in AMB
    You can now indicate a Referring Customer when adding an agreement in AMB.
  • AMB Agreements in INV Packages
    Packages set up at INVPAK may now contain AMB agreements in addition to CIR subscriptions and PRO products.
  • Agreement Participant Limit
    You can now set a limit on the number of participants for an AMB agreement (of any price type---per agreement, per participant, or per usage).
  • Support for End-User License Agreements
    As part of granting online access, you may require that users agree to the terms of end-user license agreements (EULAs) before they are granted access, and AMB now supports this.
  • AMB Agreement Demographics
    Two banks of 32-character fields are now available for use as demographic fields on AMB agreements.
  • Synchronize AMB and CIR Packages
    You may offer AMB access and a related print subscription as part of the same inventory package, and now you can "synchronize" agreements and subscriptions that are entered as part of the same package.
  • AMB Trial Term Recovery
    With this release, you can optionally "recover" a trial term, by using the new AMB system option TRSVCBRK ("service break before no trial recovery").
  • Renewal Page Feature for AMB
    You can now bundle CIR subscriptions and AMB agreements into the same inventory package.
  • AMBERN-S Table
    AMB provides the basis for user-defined reporting on AMB-based income from activity within Advantage. This activity is recorded at a detail level in the AMBERN-S table (new with this release), which can be accessed using the user-defined reporting feature or through other reporting tools available for the database you are using.
  • AMB Automatic Email Notification
    With this release, you can set up the AMB module to send automated e-mails to the agreement administrator whenever an agreement is released by the system.

Accounts Receivable Changes

  • Multiple Credit Card Vendors
    You can now split credit card processing across multiple vendors within one instance of the software.
  • Multiple Direct Debit Clearing Systems
    You can now split direct debit processing across multiple vendors within one instance of the software.
  • Direct Debit Wait Until First Issue
    You can set the system to postpone executing a direct debit order until the first issue has been received, or for a specified "acceptance period," if desired.
  • Debit Card Authorization
    When the system detects entry of a charge card that falls within the reserved debit card range, the rep will be prompted to obtain the customer's permission before using the card.
  • Credit Card Dual Encryption Keys
    If you use the credit card encryption feature, you now have the option to use the stronger security method of "dual-key" encryption---that is, requiring that the encryption key to be split into two parts, with each part separately approved by the system.

Conference and Event Changes

  • CEM Deferred Income
    You can now optionally choose to defer income from conference registrations until the start of the conference.
  • Multiple Email Addresses
    You can now record multiple email addresses for a single conference registration.

Circulation Changes

  • Gift Subscription Analysis
    A new analysis table, CIRPMG-M, tracks promotion responses for subscriptions that have been specifically identified as "gifts." While one definition of a gift subscription is simply one where the bill-to and ship-to customers are different, CIRPMG-M uses a specific flag on the donor type record to identify gift subscriptions. The table allows you to report on such conditions as gift subscriptions where the donor her/himself is one of the recipients.
  • Alternate Delivery Enhancements
    You can now qualify a subscription for alternate delivery on an issue-by-issue basis.
  • Ancillary Name Merge
    You may wish to incorporate names from an outside list into the presort file for main issue distribution, in order to improve your mailing rates.

Campaign Changes

  • Upsell from a Promotion Choice
    Advantage upsell functionality has been enhanced to allow you to upsell from one specific promotion choice to another. For example, you could set up two offers for a subscription under a promotion, one for a 12-month term and one for a 24-month term. When the 12-month term is ordered, your upsell setup can prompt the rep to promote the 24-month choice to the customer.
  • Promotion Choice Narrative
    With this release, you can enter narrative text for choices set up under a promotion at CPNPMO/ITM. This could be used to provide additional information in order to increase the effectiveness of the promo choice---such as on Web pages.

Contact Management Changes

  • Task Upload
    You can use the new CRM125 process to upload CRM tasks into Advantage, and optionally link these tasks to scanned images for customer service purposes.

Duplicate Consolidation Changes

  • Errors-Only Option on DUP430 Report
    If you are processing a large group of records, you might wish to see only the warnings and errors, and not the successful consolidations. This is now an option on the DUP430 report.

Inventory Management Changes

  • Product Images
    You now have the ability to store images of inventory on the network, and have them displayed either by using the Images tab at INVDAT or the Images tab in the upper left corner of the Item Overview dialog box.
  • Support for ONIX Standard
    Advantage is adding functionality to support the ONIX standard. Release 2009r1 includes a preliminary and partial implementation at the INVONX workspace. While this feature is not ready for production use, we encourage you to evaluate it and give your Advantage representative your feedback, and suggestions for improvement.
  • Increased Item Number Field Size
    The size of the Item Number field (ITM-NUM) has been increased from 10 characters to 16 characters. It remains an alphanumeric field.

Master Data Entry and Product Order Changes

  • Subject Trees
    Advantage now supports searching for products by pre-defined item subjects, as well as building "subject trees" for a collection of items. Subject trees are used mostly on websites, and allow you to provide drill-down capability to the customer, similar to functionality offered on many e-commerce websites. For example, you could build a tree consisting of "books > nonfiction > sports > golf," where the number of items that satisfy the search decreases as you move down the tree. This will allow your website customers to pinpoint desired items more quickly and efficiently.
  • Keyword-Based Product Search
    You can now search for products by keywords---the products that have the keyword "golf," for example.
  • Multiple Email Addresses
    You can relate multiple e-mail addresses to a PRO ship-to customer at the order line level when the order is entered at MSTDAT/FST.
  • Product Returns from MSTDAT/PRO and SVCDAT/PRO
    With this release, your customer reps can enter product returns directly at the SVCDAT/PRO ? Product Orders view (or the MSTDAT/PRO view), without needing to route to MSTDAT/FST first.

Customer Service Changes

  • Customer Service Notes Management
    A new feature has been added to allow you to import and "work" customer notes in a structured and controlled environment---for example, a support area that responds to customer questions and requests for action in the form of customer notes. You can use the Customer Service Notes Management feature to organize customer notes (SVCCON-M records) into a hierarchical/priority-based structure for more efficient addressing by your customer service personnel.
  • Customer Service Emails to Multiple Recipients
    You can send outgoing customer service responses from within Advantage via e-mail. This involves setting up the proper e-mail template, and indicating "Send Response" when you are creating the customer note.

For more information on Advantage 2009R1, contact your ACS Account Manager.

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