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Highlights of Advantage 2010r2

The second release of 2010 will be available early in June.  Here are just a few of the new features you will receive.


·         Credit card responses from the vendor are now processed via a flexible, select-driven response code table (similar to direct debit responses).  Besides providing greater standardization for handling vendor responses, the number of possible automated actions you can take based on a particular response has been increased.  For example, you can cancel or bill-suspend the subscription, cancel or bill-suspend the BCL participation, add the customer to a Telesales list, etc.

·         With this release, you can set a discount at the promotion header level, to apply to (or bypass applying to) any CIR, PRO, or AMB item on the order.  The promotion-level discount is overridden by any specific discount set up at the item level.  This feature provides a shortcut method of setting a general discount for the promotion, without needing to set it up for each item.  The promotion discount is expressed as a percent (not an amount).

·         A CDSDWS warehouse extract type has been added for AMB transactions.  The table is populated by AMB210 posting, and provides information on new adds and renewals of agreements, adjustments (including adjustments to access points), cancels, and reversals.

·         ARP310 can now automatically bill-suspend or nonpay-cancel an AMB agreement.  This feature uses the same lowest-level select controls that are used for CIR and CEM suspends and cancels.  AMB suspend/cancels are supported for all billing processes, including "regular" billing and installment billing.

·         At MSTDAT, you can now move an order from one of your control groups to another, or from one closed control group to another, as long as you have security to do so.  This allows much more flexibility in management of control groups; for example, you can move one "problem" order so that the rest of the control group can release.

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