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How To Always Know What's New in Advantage

Stay up to date with Automatic Notification of Continuous Update Features

What do these seemingly unrelated Advantage features have in common?

  • A right-click action at all Advantage list frames to copy the value of any currently displayed column to your clipboard.
  • The addition of data entry scripts for agreement orders and maintenance, whether using the Fast Entry or the dedicated agreement view.
  • The consolidation of all select set setup in Advantage under the single Selection view.

If you answered “they’ve all entered the product within the past four calendar months,” you would be correct!

Advantage development, which has always been fast and furious, has become even more so with the introduction of the continuous update track within the past year. How can you keep up on what’s new in the product? What if your company isn’t on continuous updates? Does that prevent you from learning about new features?

The answer to the last question is a resounding “no.” Every month on the date of a new release (generally the third Tuesday of the month), all new features for that release are documented and explained, with examples and screen shots, in the Release Notes section of the Advantage help website. All .NET clients…regardless of their current release…have access to this information. Simply go to the Help section on the Advantage ribbon and click on Release Notes. You will see all Advantage Release Notes from 2010 up to and including the current monthly update. It doesn’t matter what version of the software you’re running.

But you don’t even need to sign into Advantage to learn about these new features. We maintain a (growing) list of client e-mail addresses that receive an e-mailed summary of the features on the date of the release. You can use this summary to decide if you want to go to your Advantage area to learn about any feature in more detail. Or, the e-mail can just serve as a nice reminder that a new set of features has just rolled off the assembly line.

To add your name to the Continuous Update Features e-mail list, just send me a request at, and I’ll be happy to do so. Find out what all the buzz is about on the third Tuesday of any month!

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