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How to Easily Enter Product Returns

Typically, Advantage product returns are entered at MSTDAT/FST, using an order type of "C".  There are numerous methods of entering the return, including specifying the invoice number only, specifying the item number only, etc.  The steps for entering the return in these different scenarios vary slightly.  As of 2009R1, users can enter applied returns at SVCDAT/PRO (or MSTDAT/PRO).

Locating the order at SVCDAT/PRO

Users locate the order at SVCDAT/PRO using normal search methods:

  • Bill-to Customer
  • Order Number
  • Control Group
  • Status (although only posted orders can have returns entered against them)
  • PO Number
  • Ship-to Customer
  • Docket Number

Return Steps

Once the order is located, the user chooses the "Applied Return" action (also available as a right-click action). This button will only be enabled if the user has an open control group and a return can be entered against the order. The user will be presented with the following dialog box:

They will be prompted to enter a credit reason code, which will be used on all returned lines. The user can create Return Authorization orders, which will hold the return until the stock is actually returned. The user can also choose to do a "Quick Return All" which creates a return line for all lines on the original order. The "Refund Order" box indicates whether the return credit will be refunded back to the customer (as long as the original order was paid).

Returning Line by Line

If the user opts not to do a "Quick Return All," they will be presented with a dialog box where they can mark which lines were returned.

The user can also enter a partial credit on the returned line so that full credit is not given or freight is not refunded.

Once the return is created, the user will receive a dialog box telling them the Voucher Number that was created.

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