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How to Force a Shipped Order into Backorder

Although it's a rare occurrence, sometimes when you place an order, there will be a quantity in stock that is no longer there when the order finally posts via PRO205. In these cases, the shipped quantity on the order is set, but since the warehouse does not have enough stock to fulfill it, the PRO205 will not post the order. The PRO205.REPORT will give the error message "Not enough quantity available to fill this order." The steps below illustrate how to force these order lines into backorder.

Forcing an order line to backorder

  1. Route to MSTDAT/PRO.
  2. Search for the order.
  3. Use the CS function to change the order status from I to P.
  4. Highlight the line in error and use the CQ function to change the shipped qty to 0.
  5. Answer the popup box "Do you want to backorder the remaining quantity?" as follows:
    • If you wish to backorder the line, click YES
    • If you wish to force the item into Lost Sales, click NO
  6. Use the CS function to change the order status back to I.

NOTE: Forcing a backorder is only to be done if the physical warehouse does not have stock on hand (in order for PRO205 to change the status to B and allow PRO360 to fill it when inventory is received in the warehouse). If the order did indeed ship from the physical warehouse and your quantities at INVDAT/WHS were just incorrect, you would need to do an Inventory Adjustment to correct the quantities to match what was in the physical warehouse and allow the order to post.

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