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How to Increase Employee Retention

Technology companies are known for lots of employee turnover. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the average employee tenure for tech companies is around 3 years. Here at AdvantageCS, however, the average tenure is 10 years. Here are two employees’ opinions on why this is.

Why Does AdvantageCS Exist?

About a year ago, Dan Heffernan, one of our VP's, explored this question at a few company-wide meetings (we call them Company Coffees). Summarizing his words, he reminded us that we exist to create quality solutions that our clients can use to advance their businesses.

But is that our complete purpose? Isn’t another important aspect of our mission to create a healthy work environment for our employees? Indeed, we desire to serve our clients by providing excellent software and service. But at the same time, we genuinely want our employees to thrive.

You won't see this part of our purpose posted on our office walls. But within these walls, this invisible mission breathes life. We have an incredible work culture---one of low pressure and high positivity. I’m a software engineer who has worked here for about a decade, and I actually enjoy coming to work. I love solving problems and working with wonderful people. I feel an unspoken expectation to work hard, but know that if I make a mistake, I'll be quickly forgiven.

The more I talk to my peers that work elsewhere, the more I realize how fortunate I am and how rare the culture here is.

-Jon Bartholomay, Software Engineer

Why I Have Been at AdvantageCS for 30+ Years

I don’t HAVE to go to work each day…I GET to go to work each day! Here are some of the reasons I feel that way.

The culture at AdvantageCS incorporates:

  • A true team approach to projects and activities; everyone pitches in, focusing on the collective goal ahead of personal ambition
  • A good fit between my skill set and company needs, even as both evolve over time
  • Excellent ongoing relationships with clients
  • Solutions-oriented focus
  • Team-oriented projects
  • The celebration of accomplishments
  • A healthy flow of information

In addition, the workplace at AdvantageCS offers:

  • A family orientation that permeates the culture from the top down
  • Recreation facilities onsite (fitness center, racquetball court, locker rooms)
  • Flexibility where appropriate (work from home, flex time, schedule changes)

I have heard that there is no such thing as a “perfect job.” However, at AdvantageCS, I am able to take on many responsibilities that are well-suited to my abilities.

-Ken Nemerovski, Account Manager, Client Services Division

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