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Inaugural Advantage Academy Held

Forty people from 12 different clients gathered in Ann Arbor last week for the first Advantage Academy. The academy was a 3-day workshop centered around Advantage, with the goal of providing practical, hands-on experience that attendees take away with them to implement in their own organizations.

Attendees participated in a morning and an afternoon session for each of the three days and could choose from more than a dozen topics. These included Promotions/Offers, Customer Care, Automated Testing, Integrations, Payment Management, and Advantage Potpourri. Attendees could also choose to meet with staff from the Support Center and pose their questions.

Most sessions were hands-on, and the AdvantageCS staff worked hard to organize and plan every detail. Classes were led by a variety of AdvantageCS staff, namely Eric Burbeck, Alan Cherney, Scott Ghormley, Mike Hasey, John Hughes, Levi Hyssong, Derek Johnson, Jeff Leonard, Doug Moore, John Sheehy and Wouter Verkerk.

We have found over the years that our most successful clients are the ones that have optimized their use of Advantage---both in efficiency and functionality. The academy was held at our offices because there is no better way to expand Advantage knowledge and use of the system than sitting with our staff.

Doug Moore, Director of Program Services, served as a coordinator of the event. “The 2018 Advantage Academy was a tremendous success,” says Doug. “It was great to see so many of our clients join us for this inaugural event, and actively participate in the classroom workshops. I hope each attendee found the time valuable and enjoyable. It was certainly enjoyable to see the fun, and dare I say, crazy sides of our clients on the Whirly Ball court!”

An added benefit was the ample opportunity for networking with other attendees during breaks, lunches and dinners---always a popular activity.

After a full day of “school,” everyone was ready to unwind, and what better way than Whirly Ball? Whirly Ball is a team sport that combines elements of basketball, lacrosse, and bumper cars. Players drive maneuverable, specially-equipped bumper cars, and try to score on the opposing team using the all-in-one throwing, catching, and shooting device. Imagine driving a bumper car while you catch balls in your “scoop” then lob them overhead into basketball hoops while the opposing team is trying to steal the ball from you and bump you out of the way. Although it can be highly competitive, no athletic ability is necessary; the playing field is pretty level, since everyone is in a bumper car with the same maximum speed.

Discussions on the next Academy have begun; details to come in the months ahead.

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