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Industry Challenges Discussed at European CIO Roundtable

Technology leaders from seven different AdvantageCS client companies met in Brussels in early May, just prior to the European Advantage User Group conference.  The meeting provided a forum for these executives to discuss current priorities and challenges being faced across the technology and publishing industries. 

Attendees presented their observations on what is the highest priority for their respective IT groups, including many challenges that they’re facing as they help to build and sustain their businesses.  Lively exchanges took place during these presentations as other attendees provided additional insights.  On the second day, AdvantageCS facilitated further discussions on the most prevalent topics.  AdvantageCS also presented on the broader issue of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance that is currently a hot topic for any businesses holding data on European Union residents.

A particularly recurring priority for the attendees was managing data from disparate sources.  With data generated and stored in systems serving various business functions, many companies are utilizing a data lake.  While the data is flowing to a central repository, the challenge is combining the data in ways that support accurate and efficient reporting for the business.  This topic also meshed with a discussion on interfacing between systems and the various tools and technologies used for integrating a myriad of systems.

Security was high on the list, especially as the executives talked about directing efforts to ensure compliance with GDPR.  With substantial penalties for non-compliance, all businesses storing personal data on European residents are affected and attendees offered insightful comments on how their business was handling compliance.  These efforts included specialized systems, new business processes, expert consultants, and new security measures.  Adequate security measures, and the means to measurably ensure that they are sufficient, was a hot topic.

A final subject of note was the challenge in finding skilled developers.  The participants generally found that skilled developers were in high demand, which resulted in high turnover among their developers and long periods searching for new ones.  Discussion included the feasibility of augmenting local developer resources with remote developers.  The logistics of implementing this approach were laid out by some attendees who had seen this work well for their specific needs.

While many challenges were discussed by the executives attending the roundtable, attendees also heard about some exciting new directions that other companies are taking in expanding their business opportunities.  AdvantageCS would like to thank all the technology leaders who participated.

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