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Input Added to 'Ad' Module

ACS welcomed a number of client representatives to Ann Arbor on May 6 and 7 for a Client Forum focused on the Advertising module. We have found that the "forum" format works best to involve you in identifying the best direction forward for an area of the system ? in this case the Advertising module.

Participants from Kalmbach Publishing, Motor Information Systems, and The Taunton Press were able to attend. Other clients (Oxford University Press and Traplet Publications) while not able to attend in person, provided input on features that are important to them.

Why Advertising? The Advertising Contract and Insertion Order screens are going to be moved to the new user interface. (This has already been done for the table views.) Improvements can often be incorporated during such a transition. Also, it is a good time to identify functional improvements and additional features in general.

We reviewed functional designs for the key screens and for every potential improvement suggestion that had been made in the last five years. Participants ranked what was most important. The clear winners were the screen improvements and support for Internet Ads.

The Data Entry Script feature (now available at MSTDAT/FST) will be included with the new screen. The Advertising Insertion Order has many data elements and every client wants a different set of them. The ability to control which fields open for input was particularly exciting. The Data Entry Script feature also lets you set default values. This feature will make it easier to enter these orders ? easy enough that a sales rep will want to do it!! Guaranteed!

Many thanks to all who participated! Your input is invaluable. It is always great to work with you.

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