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Introducing Advantage Feature Updates

If you’ve been with Advantage since the early 2000’s, you recall when the release naming convention had two or three—sometimes more—numbers, such as 7.2.3, for example, and the numbers incremented with each release. In 2003, we switched to a year/revision naming convention starting with 2003R1. Now we’re making another change, primarily because we’ve updated our method of delivering software to clients.

Starting with 2013R1, we deliver software updates through deployment packages. These packages allow you to review the latest patches and download them on an automatic schedule, or at a time of your choosing. The installation of a deployment package is done simply by running a process. It’s really easy!

We thought this was such a good idea that we used it as a stepping-stone to more advanced software delivery options. We are now offering a feature update track where deployment packages will contain the latest patches, plus any new features. The frequency of these updates is targeted to be every 4-6 weeks.

Here’s a summary of the current options:

Software Track

Types of Updates

Frequency of Updates

Upgrade Required


Annual release





Feature update

Patches and new features

Every 4-6 weeks




Client determined patches and/or features

As requested


Always supported

*available starting with the 2014 feature updates

As part of this new strategy, we will no longer be offering three releases a year – instead we will have one annual release with the option of moving to the Feature update track to get the frequent updates. If you’re on the feature update track, then you will no longer need to perform a traditional upgrade, as you will be getting the changes as they become available.

Back to the naming convention discussion. Going forward, to reflect the fact that there is now one annual release, Advantage releases will simply be named after the year of the release. When January arrives, “Advantage 2015” will be available. For those choosing the Feature update track, the release number will be followed by a number to designate which feature update is currently installed. For example, if you’ve installed the first update of the year in 2015, you would be running “Advantage 2015 Update 1” (abbreviated as “2015.1”).

We are excited about these changes as they allow us to offer more options to you for how you want patches and features pushed to you. If you want to walk through these changes in more detail or have questions about which track is right for you, contact your account manager.

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